Best Related Posts

Best Related Posts is a straight forward and easy to use plug in. It shows related posts for the post user is reading. It also add the first picture in post as thumbnail beside the related post. It is better than other plugins and widgets as it is good for internal link building and overall pagerank. it Lets you to design the look of your related posts list. It lets to write your own HTML and gives you access to some tags (link, title, image, …)


Want to try it download Best Related Posts Plugin from WordPress site

How to Use Best Related Posts Plugin

To add the related post list, usually you have to open the single.php of your current theme and add the PHP code:
<?php boposts_show(); ?>
or can use Post Layout plugin and add such line of code in the single post bottom. Best Related Posts Plugin comes with a predefined layout which is a table suitable for most blog design but you can modify it as you like. The layout is composed by an header block, a footer block and a body block. The body block will be repeated for the number of related posts found (limited by max posts values). Tags need to be used within the body block that will be replaced with related posts data (such as title, permalink, excerpt, image and so on).
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